What Have We Learned and What’s Ahead?

Rosi Farley, the first Story Night winner.
Rosi Farley, the first Story Night winner.

On Oct. 2 we took part in the first of what I hope will be many Story Nights. I was thrilled with how things turned out overall, but of course being in the middle of it I don’t think I could observe and enjoy it from any distance.

So I’ve been relying on feedback. I’ve talked to some people, and I put out a survey giving people an opportunity to weigh in. The 11 people who participated so far suggested new themes a number of places we could go for future dates.

The biggest concern so far has been the noise at the Manette Saloon. I love that place for Kitsap Quiz Night, because that event does just fine even if there is other activity going on inside the bar. I’m not sure Story Night does, because storytelling doesn’t go as well with tons of distractions, such as loud groups and revving motorcycles right outside the door. I heard that motorcycle and the boisterous tables in the back and felt like they were daring us to vacate immediately. Still, most people said Story Night was fun despite the distractions. In the end I’m glad they happened. They were enough of a distraction to be noticeable, but not so much to ruin the night.

I’m continuing to gather information to help with the next event. In the meantime it will soon be time to put together podcasts featuring some of the speakers. Ideally the podcasts will help promote interest in future Story Nights. I still haven’t listened to the recordings, so I’m not sure whether those will be available.

Stayed tuned. And go to the Story Night Facebook page to see what’s next.

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